Sunday, 31 July 2016

Here's a Free Alternative to Microsoft Office That Doesn't Suck

Not everyone wants to pay for an office suite. Actually, most people don't want to pay for any software. Despite that, Microsoft Office is the undisputed (if expensive) champion in its category, but if you just need a word processor or an office suite for basic use, then free alternatives will get the job done just as well. There are quite a few to choose from, and one we recently tried out and liked is WPS Office 2016. We used it for two weeks to see how well it works.
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Microsoft to Cut 2,850 More Jobs

Microsoft is cutting more jobs from its smartphone hardware and global sales divisions by shedding an additional 2,850 positions, the company said Thursday.
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iPhone 2016 Pre-Orders Tipped to Begin on September 9

Noted tipster Evan Blass has been dropping information about release date of the upcoming iPhone every day this week, and after saying that the iPhone 2016 will hit the shelves on September 16, the tipster has now revealed the date when the smartphone is expected to go up for pre-order.

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Mi Notebook Air Is Xiaomi's First Laptop: Price, Specifications, and More

Xiaomi on Wednesday announced its long rumoured entry into the PC category, with its first laptop - the Mi Notebook Air - featuring an all metal body. The company is evidently targeting the MacBook Air, showcasing comparisons to the venerable Apple ultraportable laptop. The company at the event also launched the Xiaomi Redmi Pro.
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Brilliant iPhone Case Makes It Way Easier to Catch Pokémon

If you’re struggling to build your Pokémon posse because your Pokeballs are curving all over the place, Jon Cleaver has created a simple but brilliant iPhone case that serves as a guide for your finger to keep launches dead-straight, and vastly improve your monster capturing skills in Pokémon Go.
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